Live Like Summer Never Ends

Live Like Summer Never Ends

Oooh how we miss the Summer!
I mean we do love the pretty colours of Autumn (not a big fan of the rain though!) and we do love the Christmas vibe of Winter but give us the warming sunshine of Summer everyday!

We loved providing this Organic Balloon Installation in Covent Garden for Grey Goose! Who wouldn’t love an outside bar serving Grey Goose Cocktails & Drinks … Live Like Summer Never Ends

Our Balloon Team refreshed the Balloon Display for consecutive weeks and we created this Organic Display using balloons sized for 3″ up to 3ft! We then added in 2 different sizes of Mirror Orb Balloons!
The effect created for this outside bar was the perfect backdrop for photographs.

If you are organising an Event or Party and would like our Balloon Team to add a bit of the ‘Wow’ factor then please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help….
Yes we may love the Summer but we are happy to work in the snow too! #weloveballoons

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