Make your own ‘Balloon Snowman’!

Make your own ‘Balloon Snowman’!

Balloon Snowman


Christmas is coming!!

Who has started a Christmas Countdown? Why not be creative and and get into the festive spirit by making a ‘Balloon Snowman’?

What you need:

  • Balloons (of course!)
  • Glue & Paint Brush
  • White String
  • A Pin

This is so simple to make & you can have a great time getting creative with the kids making lots of different variations:

* Inflate your balloons to the sizes required – Head, Arms & Body

* Start to wrap the string around the balloons and using the paint brush apply glue all over the string!

* Do this to all the balloons until they are covered with the string and leave to dry

* Once the glue has set and hardened, use the pin & pop the balloons

* Glue your string balls together to make your ‘Balloon Snowman’

* Add/Make accessories – Face, Hat, Scarf, Buttons

You can use the same method to create Hanging Garlands, Baubles & other Christmas Shapes!

Have fun this Christmas!